Who are we?

Intertext | Aliados estratégicos

We are a team of authors, specialists, translators, proofreaders, editors, graphic and multimedia designers dedicated to the production of editorial, translation and KPO solutions for the education and corporate markets.


To offer custom, trustworthy, timely, quality editorial solutions for the production of printed and digital content that contribute to communication, learning and teaching processes, enhance the growth and positive results of our clients, and assure the professional and wellbeing of the Intertext team as well as the company’s sustainability.


In 2020 we will be reputed as a leading provider of editorial Knowledge Process Outsourcing solutions for the production of bilingual content for the education, corporate and government markets at national and international levels. Our commitment and excellent service will made of us our clients’ strategic ally.



Our People

Professionals with a solid academic training and a wide experience, both in education and editorial fields, highly reliable and committed with the goals of the company and its clients.

We Focus on our Clients

We help our clients to achieve their goals by highlighting the value of their products and meet their requirements in a timely and efficient manner.


We guarantee a strict confidentiality in order to safeguard the interests of our clients and add value to their products.

Continuous Learning

We learn from our experience, but also from the experience of others and from our environment. We seek and adopt new information technology to optimize the quality and efficiency of our processes.


Working collaboratively and sharing decisions in the company and with our clients are fundamental practices that will help us to achieve the company’s goals and obtain optimal results.